Novel Update #7

I’m going to Scotland!

My novel Trouble the Water is going to be part of a series. The bulk of Book 1 takes place in Williamsburg, Virginia and on a ship but some action also takes place in Glasgow, Scotland. Book 2 will take place mostly in the Scottish Highlands, so I thought it would be a good idea to travel there and see what it’s like.

I’m a little nervous about travelling during a) a global pandemic, and b) while Putin is raging his war in Ukraine, and c) airports around the world are understaffed and dealing with worker strikes, flight delays and lost luggage, but I’m crossing my fingers that it works out.

While there I plan to visit Old Town Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife (where they had a lot of witch trials) and the Highlands and take a ton of pictures, which will be posted to my new Instagram account @lisa_traugott. My new account will be more focused on writing historical fiction.  (My other Instagram account, tied to my fitness blog is @sheslosingit.lisa and will deal with bodybuilding/health/fitness).

In other news…

The structural editing report came back. Here’s a quote from the opening sentence, “I don’t usually think of my editing projects as part of my personal reading list, but I have to say that Trouble the Water is the most unputdownable book I’ve read this year.” That made me smile! Then she went into detail chapter by chapter how to make the story better. The main things I need to focus on are to narrow down my themes into one major one where the subplots reinforce the theme idea, and to develop my villains a little more. Who knew that writing villains would be so difficult? I mean, I guess that’s sort of a good thing. I mean, I might be concerned if she wrote, “you completely understand the inner workings of an evil monster,” right?

That’s it for me. If you’ve ever been to Scotland, I’d love to hear ideas of where to visit. Please feel free to comment below.

Lisa 😉


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