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Your team is stuck in the office (or at home) staring at a screen all day and feels sapped of all energy, ideas or even the strength to do anything about it. How can you get the juices flowing? Boost morale? Get ideas generating again?

Lisa Traugott is a firecracker. She’s a high-energy leadership expert and go-getter that can motivate your team. Put something new, lively, and inspirational on the screen that will boost productivity. Lisa’s powerful keynotes are all available virtually.

Lisa Traugott raising the bar and rocking the room

Most Requested Topics

Lisa Traugott performing on American Grit

Lessons in Grit

Leadership, Teamwork and Getting Results

People today are stressed out, burned out and ready to quit. They’re feeling stuck in life and trapped in Zoom. Of course, it effects their work performance! In this gripping presentation, Lisa shares the three secrets she learned as an original cast member of John Cena’s military-inspired show “American Grit”.

Key takeaways:

  • How to make your team willingly follow
  • Tricks to overcome fears
  • Rules to stay focused during uncertainty
shes losing it keynote

Success Starts with Self Care

Secrets from Bodybuilding

Have you noticed that we tend to put our own health last? We do our best at our jobs, for our families and for our communities, but we stop short when it comes to taking care of ourselves.
Lisa shares the secrets she learned from professional bodybuilders she used to not only transform clients’ physiques but transform their lives in the process. She gives a simple method that leaves audiences feeling empowered to take control again. Are you ready to get your health back and feel confident in your body again?

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the Eat Clean secrets that movies stars and bodybuilders use
  • Discover how to fit fitness into your crazy busy schedule
  • Learn how healthy habits translate into successful business habits
Participants enjoying a virtual presentation by Lisa Traugott

Speak With Virtual Confidence

Connect with Your Audience for Better Results

The pandemic has forever altered the workplace landscape and even with the success of vaccines, online and hybrid meetings will be here to stay.

In this interactive presentation Lisa shares the secrets she learned being coached by five World Champions of Public Speaking to tell a great story that will stick. She also brings her background in classical theater Off-Broadway, her roles on “American Grit” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to address 5 key challenge areas for virtual presentations.

Key takeaways:

  • How to tell a powerful story that sticks
  • Learn ways to create signature camera moments during your stories
  • Explore options for creating fun, innovative and engaging presentations
  • Create approaches for greater audience participation
  • Tips and tricks to look better on camera

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