Lisa Traugott likes to escape into the mist of the past to march with Highlander rebels, commune with witches and foil plots of aristocratic villains, which is to say she is putting her history and theater double-major degree to good use.

Her debut novel Trouble the Water will be released in 2023. She lives in Texas with her husband, two kids and English bulldog Bruno.

Trouble the Water – Coming in 2023

In the year 1740, solicitor William MacLeod must travel to Virginia colony to rescue the abused daughter of the woman he betrayed and deliver the girl to her aristocratic father in London. Secrets, lies and witchcraft trouble the water as they struggle to reach home.

It’s like Outlander meets Hour of the Witch meets One Child. At it’s heart it’s the story of a man redeeming his past by mentoring an abused little girl.

Other Books and Writing

An eclectic person by nature, she’s written and illustrated a children’s book “Mind Your Manners Minnie Monster” that won a silver Mom’s Choice Award, a memoir, “She’s Losing It!” (which is like a Rocky for moms) and a non-fiction fitness book, “The S.L.I. Method”. She has a monthly column for Bowflex and her own fitness blog,