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Solve Your Energy Problem

Let Lisa Traugott, motivational expert, at your team. She’ll get them going.


Lisa knows how to tell a good story and how to grab people’s attention both live and virtually. She is an award winning author and successful entrepreneur and has a background in theater and television. She was an original cast member of the John Cena inspirational reality-TV show “American Grit.” Her unique background in regular business and show business makes her the perfect coach to guide your team to being more productive, effective and results-oriented.


Lisa’s Most Requested Speaking Topics, All Available Virtually


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Powerful Virtual Presentation Mastery

The pandemic has forever altered the workplace landscape and even with the success of vaccines, online and hybrid meetings will be here to stay. In this interactive presentation Lisa will discuss and brainstorm approaches that address 5 key challenge areas for virtual presentations.

Key takeaways:

  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Learn ways to create signature camera moments during your stories
  • Explore options for creating fun, innovative and engaging presentations
  • Create approaches for greater audience participation
  • Tips and tricks to look better on camera

Lessons in Grit

Leadership Styles and Teamwork

“American Grit” was hosted by WWE star John Cena. They took 16 individual athletes, divided them into teams of four, and had them do military-inspired training evolutions for the chance to win $1,000,000. A real-life military hero led each team as they struggled through their tasks under unbelievable pressure in the snowy Pacific Northwest. As a member of the winning team, Lisa shares her insights and lessons in Grit.

Key takeaways:

  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Good teams and bad teams
  • Learning from failure
lessons in grit keynote
shes losing it keynote

Success Starts with Your Body

Transformation Through Fitness

Now that quarantine is ending, we are headed back to work feeling tired, depleted and stressed…and embarrassed that we can’t fit into our clothes from last year! Are you ready to get your health back and feel confident in your body again?

Key takeaways:

  • Get a meal plan for eating healthy food at work
  • Learn the best exercises to drop weight and tone up quickly
  • Discover how to fit fitness into your crazy busy schedule
  • Realize strategies to sleep better
  • Understand how healthy habits translates into successful business habits

Birthday Scare

Motivation with a Message — Doing What Scares You, To Lead the Life of Your Dreams

If you knew you only had one more birthday left, would you live that year differently? What differentiates your life from most people’s? Lisa’s discovered the secrets of how to overcome fear and knows anyone can overcome their fears, too. Discover her one trick that led her to write books, jump out of a plane, star on a reality TV show, and do five minutes of stand-up comedy and learn how you can start living out loud too.

Key takeaways:

  • Strategies for getting started
  • The one tip that will get you over your mental obstacles
  • How to get to the finish line and meet your goals
birthday scare keynote

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